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Mountain Jade - Carving the future of marketing

Mountain Jade is a greenstone jewellery company right here in New Zealand, with retail shops in Rotorua, Auckland & Hokitika.


         -  Strategy & Creative

- Content Production

     - Social Media Execution

The international market for New Zealand Jade (greenstone) is huge, and there's no trouble selling the product to overseas buyers and travelers.

However, us kiwis aren't as eager to buy these beautiful pieces of art… we needed a little more persuasion than just a pretty pic!

Video content provides better ROI and drives more qualified leads than a static image. So, when Ashley from Mountain Jade approached us, it was simple; 7-10 second clips of each piece of handmade Jade jewellery.

Shot in two locations; The Redwood Forest & Mountain Jades Rotorua Workshop.

The videos entail a lot of soft touch and slow simple movement, keeping to the theme of elegance and simplicity.


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